Business Intelligence for Cannabis Dispensaries and Retailers

From tracking category trends to optimizing your inventory, Headset can help you streamline  operations and strengthen your business.

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Cannabis Market Intelligence with Real-Time Insights

Get reports on category trends and product brands. Leverage actionable insights to help you find opportunity and stay ahead of the competition.

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Headset Insights

Know What the Next Big Thing is Before it’s a Thing

Headset’s Market Insights offers producers and processors a crucial leg up in the hyper-competitive cannabis production space. Market Insights uses Headset’s proprietary data set to give you a detailed picture of the market when you need it — sales trends, emerging sectors, hot products, and more. Use Market Insights to identify new areas of opportunity, keep tabs on the competition, and tailor your product development to reflect actual, real-time consumer data. Predicting consumer preferences is hard, but with Market Insights, you can rest assured that the guesses you’re making are educated ones.

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Make more informed strategy decisions
Minimize risk
Identify market opportunities
Forecast projections
Understand the competitive landscape
Verify brand success
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Headset Retailer

Say Goodbye to Empty Shelves

Headset’s Retailer Edition is the cannabis business intelligence platform you need to what’s selling, when it’s selling, and why. Track sell-through data, measure the effectiveness of your promotions, see which product categories are your top performers, and more. Retailer Edition tracks the sales data you put in at the register and turns it into real-time insights that you can use to build your business. Want to know which budtender sells the most high-CBD products, whether your Valentine’s day discount helped move chocolates, or if that top-selling strain that takes a week to ship is running low? Retailer edition keeps track of it all for you, which means you’ve got all the information you need to make quick calls and big decisions, all in the palm of your hand.

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Better understand trends in category, segment and brand sales
Optimize inventory, identify slow movers and highlight best performers
Understand budtender performance and affinity for brand and category sales
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The Data You Need, On Demand

Headset is designed to give you the business intelligence you need when and where you need it. Out of the office? Access Headset on your phone and see the same data that you would on a desktop computer. We focus on a seamless user experience, making Headset a platform you can use with ease and simplicity, not the steep learning curves common with other business software.

Cannabis Data Analytics Done Right

At Headset we're passionate about cannabis and passionate about helping cannabis businesses become successful.

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From the creators of Leafly comes an all-new cannabis market and business intelligence platform.

At Headset we're a cannabis tech company that’s passionate about both. Headset’s core team founded revolutionizing cannabis consumption by putting information in the hands of consumers. With Headset, we want to do the same thing for cannabis business intelligence. Our comprehensive cannabis data analytics services benefit the entire supply chain, from seed to sale. We currently offer three products that cover the array of specialized needs that cannabis businesses have, be they growers, extractors, processors, or retailers. We also release quarterly and annual market reports, offering our followers a data-driven look at the growing cannabis industry.

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